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The first step is to watch existing bowlers with concentration. Each one of them has a different style which enables them to come up with a different result. One should try to correlate between the styles and results. Then, the stance is very crucial. The person must stand nearly one and a half meters away from the foul line. Face the pins directly and in a straight line. The ball must be held at waist height. Out of the seven pins, the middle one must never be aimed. Right-handed bowlers must aim for the right arrow and left-handers for the left one. The following procedure is for right-handed ones. Left-handed ones have to replace right by left:


  • Step forward with the right foot and push the ball out and down simultaneously. The ball then swings down to the side like a pendulum.
  • The left hand is extended outwards for balancing.
  • the ball moves maximum backwards, but not more than shoulder height. The elbow should be straight.
  • With the left knee bent, slide forward using the left foot. The ball must naturally roll off the hand. 


In the follow-through, the swing of the arm must continue to point towards the aimed pin. The left arm must remain extended for balance and the hips as well as shoulders must be parallel to the pins. While the ball is being released, the fingers must be in a grip position and not in an opened one. After release, gaze how the ball goes over the mark. This will enable to learn from the mistakes.


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